CEO of Danone Communities that hosted the Paris 2005 lunch that connected the first 4 investors (bringing hugely resourced organisational partnerships) to yunus and youth projects- a revolutionary economics movement also known as global social business partnering


At lunch or joining soon thereafter:


Credit Agricole


Sections of Sarkozy government charged with new economics, youth employment and end poverty coordinated by Martin Hisrch


What Danone has led:


Sponsored first social business chair in world - with 4 seats a marketing professor, a sustainability MBA director, martin hirsch and yunus


Created the largest social business fund involving its corporate investors - planting SB www 0 1  2 is one of 2 faces of - the other is a most exciting new media case: collaboration portal between all yunus partners in france and all french youth who want to renew the frech skill of entrepreneurship in 2 main directions: creating jobs for young people worldwide, ending poverty in developing world - slides from Digital4Change week 2010 mainly animated by Danone


Revolutionised innovation partnerships of Danone R&D - eg Ying Yang Bao promises to be a trillion dolar new market of infant nutritional grain products - a partnership of danone with Yunus and China - here is what the Gain report 2009-10 (page 18) says of this new market for infant nutrition:

In China, GAIN’s support has helped build acceptance of

home fortification and scale up the use of complementary

food supplements. An investment with the Chinese Ministry of

Health supported the development, marketing and distribution

of soy-enriched vitamin and mineral complementary

food supplements called Ying Yang Bao to poor families

in Shanxi Province. GAIN worked closely with partners to

educate mothers, parents and caregivers on the importance

of sound infant and young child feeding practices such as

complementary feeding in conjunction with breastfeeding.

The project catalyzed policymakers in the Chinese Government

to scale up the use of Ying Yang Bao in the earthquake-affected

areas of Sichuan Province and of multiple micronutrient

powders nationwide. new companies to begin producing Ying Yang Bao

underway to solicit more business plans from manufacturers

for the expansion of production and market-based distribution

of the product in China, as well as for the transfer of the

technology in other markets in Asia and Africa.


Sarkozy announced HEC's wider initiatives in pioneering SMBA curriculum in april 2008 during launch of yunus first social busienss book. At that time Veolia joined in as France's 5th major partner. Schneider Electricity became a 6th major partner when agreeing to co-sponsor social business chair at HEC


More on paris as world's leading social business capital other references


Danone leads fast moving consumer brands in CSR league tables and with parallel Grameen partners such as Veolia, Intel, BASF leads the corporate world valued by metrics modeling expoenentials of sustainability investment and pro-youth economics - Responsibility views of Danone from Turkey ... worldwide 

With Frank Riboud - team members include E Faber overall implementation ; E. Marchant continuous implementation of local projects around world of danone social business; O.Maurel - the tech portal and mass events 1 organiser/collaborator of danonecommunities- attached are cases on some of the people who have been invited to speak at events danone and yunus have stimulated out of paris

.Which World Class Projects 

? Triad import-export exchange between France, Yunus and China... The exchange is already pioneering the most exciting new market for infant nutrition - fortified cereal -search yang yin bao

France can bring world class technologies - in this case from a corporate leading healthy foods markets; yunus brings creativity and his worldwide celebrations of goals youth want; China wants to develop poverty alleviation markets


? with credit agricole - social business stockmarket in basic agriculture markets helping to reconcile problem areas caused by EU agricultural policy or post-colonial conflicts - see also how yunus partnership with John Mackey CEO whole foods is fastest moving solution of microcredit partnerships in agriculture


? with HEC - SMBA: a leader in the new league table of job creating and sustainability business schools


? with Sarkozy - demonstration of how funding youth SB entrepreneurship can revitalise European countries in a way that macroeconomics balouts never could 


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Conferences staged in Paris thanks to Danone , HEC and other Yunus partners include:


Digtal4Change where keynoters with Yunus included Florence Devouard (Wikipedia ), Mitchell Baker (Mozilla), Matt Flannery (Kiva) and Walter de Brouwer (One hundred $ Laptop)

A magic moment from the journey of yunus, danone and HEC: Muhammad Yunus and HEC Paris: partnering to promote social responsibility

(left) Muhammad Yunus
(middle) Martin Hirsch; Christine Rodwell, Executive Director, Reporters d'Espoir; Christine Kelly, journalist, writer and godmother of Jeunes Porteurs d'Espoirs; Pascale Lafitte-Certa, journalist; Muhammad Yunus; Frank Riboud and Frédéric Dalsace
(right) German film director, playwright, author, photographer and producer Wim Wenders

On February 4, 2010, 3,000 students and young entrepreneurs gathered at Paris’ Grand Rex for a dynamic youth forum on economic and social challenges, organized by the HEC Social Business Chair in collaboration with Danone Communities and Reporters d’Espoirs.

The event provided a unique opportunity for the next generation of business leaders to interact with Nobel Prize-winning economist Muhammad Yunus and High Commissioner for Active Solidarities Against Poverty and High Commissioner for Youth for the French government Martin Hirsch, as well as key business figures like Danone Chairman Franck Riboud.


more at need for change to media and corporate responsibility valuation methods at

General Community Meeting 2011 : thank you for supporting social bu...

On Thursday, you were 2000 at the Carrousel du Louvre, to follow the good progress of social business and danone.communities.
Online, you were almost 1 300 to attend and comment the GCM from 20 different countries. We are very pleased to have attracted so much attention and as positive as inspirational messages.


To go further in the discussion, here is a list of sources with which you can deepen the projects and the thematic around them.


1. "Access to drinking water projects by and for communities" : for the first roundtable, Emmanuel Marchant, Managing Director danone.communities, has moderated the discussion between Manoj Kumar, founder and Naandi  and Xochilt Galvez Ruiz, founder and Director of High Tech Services, founder of Porvenir, and "carrier" of the project El Alberto, Mexico.


Sources for Naandi :

A video and a project mini-website

Sources for El Alberto :

A video.


2. "Innovate to improve child health through nutrition" is around the projects Lemateki in Senegal and Grameen Danone Food Ltd. in Bangladesh, and has gathered keys managers and researchers for the second roundtable. These innovative projects reveal three key steps to target the replication of a model: Assessing needs / Innovate / Measure.


Sources for Grameen Danone Food Ltd :

A project mini-website

Sources for Lemateki :.

A video and a blogpost.


3. "New alliances for the nutrition of children in China Nutrigo".

The NutroGO project responds to nutritional issues in a growing country rural areas.

extract from gain web

Project Overview

In November 2007, GAIN awarded US$ 280,900 to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention to develop affordable nutrient sachets containing soy flour to improve the nutrition of children 6 months to 24 months old and raise awareness around the product through social marketing. The product is called Ying Yang Bao.


The goal of the project is to develop and assess a private public sector partnership to market low cost nutrient sachets containing soy flour to poor families.


The project is expected to improve the nutritional status of children to 6 months to 24 months old.


The project is funded from November 2007 to February 2009, but has been extended to December 2009.


Designed by Madam Chen, the nutritional supplement for infants over six months, called YingYangBao, will be distributed through an innovative social business model: impact on health and employability, in particular, are the objectives of this project. From this, in 2011, danone.communities will support NutrtiGO through an innovative partnership.

You can still watch the conference here !

transparent process of reporting its investments is which hosts an annual meeting of 2000 people to discuss progress of its constituents- these are the constituent social businesses as reported in april 2011
grameen danone bangladesh - yogurt for infants extreme nutritional needs
1001 Fontaines Cambodia
Naandi, India
5 more projects were named as nearing formation

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox will chair the plenary session titled "Challenges to the Field and Solutions: Over-Indebtedness, Client Drop-Outs, Unethical Collection Practices, Exorbitant Interest Rates, Mission Drift, Poor Governance Structures and More."  


Groupe Danone Chairman and CEO Franck Riboud will join Muhammad Yunus on the Summit plenary titled "Social Business and Microfinance: Building Partnerships with Corporations and Other Entities To Speed the End of Poverty." Danone, the global food industry giant, has joined Grameen Bank in a social business that provides low-cost, nutritious yogurt in the villages of Bangladesh to help combat malnutrition among poor children.    


The Global Microcredit Summit will be held November 14-17, 2011 in Valladolid, Spain. To see a list of all workshops and confirmed Summit speakers, click here.  



Alexa Traffic Rank for
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Apr 5, 2012 – like the Danone Ecosystem Fund and, more recently, the Livelihoods ...... Danone CEO Franck Riboud and Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen ... program and a fortified dietary supplement, the YingYang-Bao product.

Latest update on Danone from Executive at MIT Dlab Summit 8 Feb 2014

There are now 3 funds that have transformed Danone's innovation processes since the global social business partnership was formed between Danone and Grameen and HEC business school in 2005- a partnership which has now connected over 20 top Paris CEOS in benchmarking each others sustainability models

DanoneCommunities- the original social business public fund  (co-structured with Grameen Credit Agricole) and youth celebration  networking processes - 

Danone Ecosystems - $100 million dollar fund voted for by shareholders to put Danone at the edge of purposeful innovations

and a third fund (need to look at my notes for its name!)

Danone continues to co--sponsor the Social Business Chair at HEC with Schneider Electric playing a strong co-share

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Which World Class Projects urgently need pro-youth investors?

About Pro-Youth economics at Norman Macrae Foundation online library of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant -videos 1 2 -fansweb  NMFoundation- youth projects - include yunuschoolusa


fullest press reports  Grameen Brand Partnership Architecture

exponential impact advisory: the social business youth networks inspired by muhammad yunus -without which millennium goal actions networks would be way behind are worth far more than any individual parts according to Norman Macrae Foundation  trilliondollaraudit methodology and charter notespace

Beyond the extraordinary investment of the members bank at Grameen, and the approximate third share its members foundation holds in grameenphone, here is our Unofficial League Table of Most Impactful Social Business Investments around yunus - last update 1 dec 2012

! Grameen Solar

Grameen Mobile Nursing nets and college

3 Portfolio of investments linkedin by Japan

4 Portfolio of youth-led networking inventions in US educationsystem  tertiar and secondary - transparency note NM Foundation has minor donation/loan interest

5 Investments in Grameen as collaboration brand linked in out of paris- the origin of global social business partnership funds

6 OpenTech investments of Grameen Intel


-------- while not controlled by yunus we see wholeplanetfoundation microcredit investment table and conscious capitalsm movements and hugely important to advancing pro-youth economicsmission of friends of youth and yunus


email you have questions or recommendations of entries that should be in this league table

-please read notes about what pro-youth economists mean by superapps being most impactful

Nov 2011 Europe's last super summits?- G20 3-4 Cannes; SB ac 9 gen 10-12 vienna; MC near madrid 14-17  European Union Nov 18 

click pic to download journal of pro-youth economics sampled by post to 3000 leaders chosen by Yunus

papers world microcreditsummit 2011


2010s Global Village Economics Races- will youthand societies win the race to:

  • bankabillion people directly on mobile phones - if so 10 times lower transactional costs can change every assumption of economics
  • Good News Media- even before Rupert Murdoch's expose filmakers like Will Wenders showed there is notimefelt to empower youth with joyful world service media
  • Will first 10000 entrepreneurial rural telecentres be owned mutually for poorest in communities or by Bill Gates- how does this depend on whether giving circles of billanthropists use microeconomic or macroeconomics's opposite valuation metrics?


SB Stockmarkets:

  • A) banking & financial services
  • B) green including energy and food and water
  • C) goodwill media, tech and edu
  • D) health

Next Pro-Youth & Ynuus Deadlines

18 Januray 2013 Alabama

30 January 2013 Tokyo

rsvp share news of these and other key youth and yunus events




India 2011 Law on Microcredit


BBC and Murdoch 

Call for microcreditsummit to launch SB stockmarket of banks

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