Atlanta & Yunus help to save america from decade of slump

dear monica

1) can I check you know taddy blecher as much as can be mutually beneficial to the futures you are collaboratively leading youth to  - his partners work for free universities (connecting mandela branson google kiva ,,) out of is a critical to that continents futures of youth as yours and bhuiyans is to american youth

2) could you write me a 2-pager action update mapping back misison of

a the big goal - at least 2 million youth working as peace artists celebrating communities cross-cutural capacity all over usa and collaborative generation

b the media for doing that - superstars give back

c examples of help other than money people -especially youth and their educators - can most usefully connect round you now

put it in next journal of social business and ...


I want to massively hand out good news of singforhope at youth/educators at wave 15-18 of student entrepreneur competitions hosted by africa's historically black universities, master of cerominies by bhuiyan, partnered by over 50 corporates and philanthropists, every HBU that has ever helped youth realise dreams,  keynoted in the most recent case by your dad and obama's number 1 adviser on women and girls

for student year 2011-2012 atlanta celebrated waves 13 and 14 through which the home of king dreams-to-realities has rehearsed student entrepreneur summits 11 10. 9 .. 1 ..0 making it champion of the best student collaboration entrepreneur summits can be; as your dad reminded us as saturdays awards ceremony he helped teach for the same system for several years after getting his degree at van der bilt: Fulbright scholarship in 1965 to study in the United States. He obtained his PhD in economics from Vanderbilt University in the United States through the graduate program in Economic Development (GPED) in 1971.[11] From 1969 to 1972, Yunus was an assistant professor of economics at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN.



wave 15 is in n carolina- bhuiyans home state system network also a place where researchers are sitting on 2 huge health breakthroughs (degenerative diseases and ecoli/and other pathogens)and the most exciting small buisness and intercommnity bartering model seen since your dad invented village centres as womens knowledge excchnage hubs


wave 16 is my home region of dc where usaid are beside themselves with seeing how to map value chain remodelling (the major advance of 4 years of action learning with obama's admin). For example yesterday I was at usaid and the speaker from bill gates foundation admitted a uturn compared with what gates told your dad in 2007-  unfortunately the whole gates top-down8bilanthropy club is now more interested in cashless banking than health or education (yunus and lesly at dads 95th birthday party)

3 weeks ago we discussed the opportunities and threats of what bangladesh invented in the 1970s with your dad and sir fazle abed at a 3 hour chat at the emnbassy of japan in dhaka and japan now realises this was also part of the same future as its innovation for economics in 1960s which started up asian pacific century

wave 17 is oregon home to to grameen intel and so hopefully the most extraordinary tech colaboration projects students can get theior professors out in societies to go linkin in

wave 18 is back in atlanta next april

These waves are timed to start up university year 2012-2013 and are likely to be the only good youth economics news of this election year while usa and european economies burn, and developing worlds progress of millennium goals is most at risk



chris macrae

bethesda md 301 881 1655


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the best chance the us has of not spiraling ever further into a generation of slump- as per dads last article- is connecting roadtour of student entrepreneur competitions across the states- between oct 2011 and sept 2012 yunus will have threaded 5 competitions shared mainly by 7 states GA TE NC DC MD VA Oregon - then the university year will be ended in atanta april 2013 by the 14th student entrepreneur competiton of the best sort that can be designed thanks to the work since 2000 linked into and their master of ceremonies bhuiyan and the unquenchable entrepereneurial spirit of african american youth- there is something future historic that the greatest youth connectors in usa of realising dreams come from martin luther king;s capital
lets celebrate how this can be a wonderful part of a wider movement to make education from 0 to 25 the first post-industrial revolution market valuing 1000 times more collaborative technology whose 4 main players seem to be
atlanta's connections across africa amen=rican youth 0 to 30
mit's connections to youth  which africans agian seem to be particularly plugged into but bangladesh has great connections through brac and japan has connections through joi ito being current elader of media lab; over and above this there is the story of the mobile wizard genius brothers - the quadirs
japan and bangladesh's connections to youth where we map back the hypothesis that asian pacific century would have got on a moores law of development without japans good graces- in fact on a per person basis japan probably still owns more capital than anyone but the west macroeconomists have been trying to block its social impacts at every turn because they are virulently anti-youth and incapable of valuing million times more colaboration tech
lets celebrate a special issue of what bhuiyan and  have learnt over 12 years as well as what gamechangers youth are connecting in other capitals =please hepeport bthis back of an capital you may know
history atlanta as capital of martin luther king - tennesse as state of yunus as fulbright student and professor
world most exciting student competitions connected by over 100 historically black universities through master of ceremony process of bhuyan and african american chambers of congres across the region
so atlanta and region bring the colkaborative entrepreneurial force for good of african american youth 0 to 25
next stops of road tour:
n.carolina brings some superb medical breakthroughs (all mind-degenerative diseases,all ecoli and pathogen detection)  which are currently being advertised at student entrepreneur competitions so we need to change the competition pro-forma the way yunus suggested on making sure students own a simple piece
n carolina also bring infotech necessary to make grameen members in usa as communally collaborative as possible
washington dc region brings usaid sudden conversion to value chains (the one thing that obama has embedded as a new way of looking at impact) togtether with the new world bank influence of a practice leader from haiti's partners in health and clinton's rwanda with aprticlar expertuse in tb and hiv
oregon brings anything intel can mobilise
as well as papers on student entrepreneur competition cases.  its essential that this edition linksin short summaries on game changers students can connect
number 1 is monica yunus - superheroes give back is the mother of all media change projects according to my last 20 years of research of media experts
number 2 can be japan help in forming an association of 1000 bangaldesh hi tech youth to debate such topics as
cashless banking - usaid and gates foundation have got obessesed about that as recently as yesterday in DC
placing youth technologists as virtual workers in us ; IN LINE WITH Shafqat's work the guy responsible for techology purchasing for state of georgia education predicted 2012 is last year that india will supply usa with technologies it now being much more advantageous to supply china; already companies like disney cannot fill a third of the IT needs
green knowledge experiments trade between china and bangldaesh such as those kazi is in centre of
I suggest that mostofa sends a fortnihghtly update on such gamechangers- one pagers would with abed would be enough eg to timeline the vision of cashless banking that students need to know about- already the gates consultant shows a chart that brings down the average cost of recording a banking transcation where cash is involved of  $4 to where system is totally cashless to 5 cents
(sadly he then presents all sorts of applications as if gates foundation is consulting on how they can be cashless and then you find out that they arent which is why understanding how far bkash connects the dots of cashless is probably the most exciting story ever to track in banking )
what we also need to find out is if we imagined students connected to blecher presenting at us student entrepreneur competitions what topics would they open up- one of the disasters in us is that online degrees are seen as causing extra work to certify so they are being processed as an extra cost service not a revolutionary change in freeing  the economics of education- so we need virtual learning cases out of at the speed of light
somewhere between the atlanta network of african american leaders and african industry eladers who drop in at MIT (and at paris' ) we have most of those who can ever influence america to invest truly and sustainably in africa- and ironically we get one shot at cracking that nut before it is likely that american banks will invest in our own youth

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