One of the leading Japanese brand partners of yunus - by which we mean directly connecting with global brand with yunus - see eg

here is a search of yunus and uniqlo OR CEO

  1. Tadashi Yanai & family Gallery - Forbes

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus (L) and Tadashi Yanai, president of Fast Retailing attend a press conference in Tokyo on July 13, 2010. Japan's ...
  2. Tadashi Yanai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In 1984, he opened his first Uniqlo store in Hiroshima. In the April 2009 issue of Monocle magazine, Yanai said, "I might look successful but I've made many ...
  3. Yunus meets Leading Retail Company CEOs - Yunus Centre
    From Left to right: Professor Okada, Mr. Tadashi Yanai, Chairman & CEO ofUNIQLO, ... Professor Muhammad Yunus met with leading garments retail CEOs in ...
  4. Yunus meets CEOs of leading retailers - The Daily Star
    Jun 17, 2013 - Yunus meets CEOs of leading retailers. Star Business Desk. From left, Professor Okada; Tadashi Yanai, chairman and CEO of Uniqlo; Michael ...
  5. Uniqlo's Tadashi Yanai Profile GQ December 2011 -
    Uniqlo embarks on a major global expansion, Jessica Pressler meets Tadashi Yanai, the man who truly believes his clothes are "made for all"
  6. Interviews - Grameen UNIQLO
    This site is operated by Grameen UNIQLO, which was established by UNIQLO and Grameen Healthcare Trust of the ... Muhammad Yunus: Founder of Grameen Bank / Nobel Peace Prize laureate ... Tadashi Yanai: President of Fast Retailing.
  7. AFP: Japan's Uniqlo joins Grameen Bank to help poor in Bangladesh

    Jul 13, 2010 - TOKYO — Japan's casual clothing brand Uniqlo and Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus said Tuesday they would create a textiles ...
  8. Uniqlo teams up with Yunus | Facebook
    Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus (L) and Tadashi Yanai, president of Fast ... Japan's casual clothing brand Uniqlo and Yunus said they would create a textiles ...
  9. EXCLUSIVE! Uniqlo billionaire & Japan's ... - Will Soon Flourish
    Oct 14, 2012 - Uniqlo billionaire & Japan's wealthiest tycoon Tadashi Yanai gives ....Japan's casual clothing brand Uniqlo and Yunus said they would jointly ...
  10. Tadashi Yanai - Rediff Realtime News!
    Yunus meets CEOs of leading retailers. Star Business Desk From left, Professor Okada; Tadashi Yanai, chairman and CEO of Uniqlo; Michael Duke, president of ...

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Which World Class Projects urgently need pro-youth investors?

About Pro-Youth economics at Norman Macrae Foundation online library of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant -videos 1 2 -fansweb  NMFoundation- youth projects - include yunuschoolusa


fullest press reports  Grameen Brand Partnership Architecture

exponential impact advisory: the social business youth networks inspired by muhammad yunus -without which millennium goal actions networks would be way behind are worth far more than any individual parts according to Norman Macrae Foundation  trilliondollaraudit methodology and charter notespace

Beyond the extraordinary investment of the members bank at Grameen, and the approximate third share its members foundation holds in grameenphone, here is our Unofficial League Table of Most Impactful Social Business Investments around yunus - last update 1 dec 2012

! Grameen Solar

Grameen Mobile Nursing nets and college

3 Portfolio of investments linkedin by Japan

4 Portfolio of youth-led networking inventions in US educationsystem  tertiar and secondary - transparency note NM Foundation has minor donation/loan interest

5 Investments in Grameen as collaboration brand linked in out of paris- the origin of global social business partnership funds

6 OpenTech investments of Grameen Intel


-------- while not controlled by yunus we see wholeplanetfoundation microcredit investment table and conscious capitalsm movements and hugely important to advancing pro-youth economicsmission of friends of youth and yunus


email you have questions or recommendations of entries that should be in this league table

-please read notes about what pro-youth economists mean by superapps being most impactful

Nov 2011 Europe's last super summits?- G20 3-4 Cannes; SB ac 9 gen 10-12 vienna; MC near madrid 14-17  European Union Nov 18 

click pic to download journal of pro-youth economics sampled by post to 3000 leaders chosen by Yunus

papers world microcreditsummit 2011


2010s Global Village Economics Races- will youthand societies win the race to:

  • bankabillion people directly on mobile phones - if so 10 times lower transactional costs can change every assumption of economics
  • Good News Media- even before Rupert Murdoch's expose filmakers like Will Wenders showed there is notimefelt to empower youth with joyful world service media
  • Will first 10000 entrepreneurial rural telecentres be owned mutually for poorest in communities or by Bill Gates- how does this depend on whether giving circles of billanthropists use microeconomic or macroeconomics's opposite valuation metrics?


SB Stockmarkets:

  • A) banking & financial services
  • B) green including energy and food and water
  • C) goodwill media, tech and edu
  • D) health

Next Pro-Youth & Ynuus Deadlines

18 Januray 2013 Alabama

30 January 2013 Tokyo

rsvp share news of these and other key youth and yunus events




India 2011 Law on Microcredit


BBC and Murdoch 

Call for microcreditsummit to launch SB stockmarket of banks

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