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From marches in Brazil to uprisings in the Middle East, corruption and good governance are issues of ever-increasing importance in global development. In early June, Oxford's Blavatnik School of Government, Camfed, the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Linklaters hosted a convening to identify timely issues and highlight why good governance is critical to international development.
"Good governance ensures that political, social and economic priorities are based on broad consensus in society and that the voices of the poorest and the most vulnerable are heard in decision," says Mthuli Ncube of African Development Bank.

+ Mo Ibrahim outlines how and why Africa should solve its own problems. "The question is 'Why are we poor' if we have all this wonderful land, sea, shores? We are poor because of misrule, because we are badly governed". 
+ More than half of those surveyed believe the level of corruption in their countries has increased during the pas....
+ Could public private partnerships be an answer to corruption
+ Premal Shah (Kiva), Chris West (Shell Foundation), Anthony Ross (Bridges Ventures LLP) and Robert Annibale (Citigroup) discuss best-in-class examples of how companies and governments have partnered with some of the most ... to identify the ‘sweet spot of partnership’ in this latest video from Skoll World Forum.

The saying goes, "count something and make it count", but often outcomes such as "lives touched" don't provide the full picture. Investors and grantees struggle to find a common language of measurement, while others agree to disagree on whether to prioritize financial results or impact results. With public reporting standards such as IRIS becoming more prevalent, we asked participants from the Aspen Annual Metrics Conference: How do we create a culture of measurement?

+ With more data and metrics available to the social sector than ever, how are people harnessing big data for big results?
Almost a quarter of the world's disabilities are caused by mental and behavioral disorders. Yet, mental health has been a largely ignored phenomenon in the developing world. In Ghana, there are just 14 psychiatrists for more than 25 million people. However things appear to be changing. In May, the WHO World Health Assembly gathered in Geneva and passed the Comprehensive Mental Health Plan, the first global plan of its kind. Skoll Award recipient Chris Underhill of Basic Needs reflects on the latest developments and why mental illness matters.
+ Working in the field of social change is grueling work. So how do you make sure you have enough staying power?
+ If you're out to change the world, how do you know when to move on?
"You don't go to college to study, you go to college because you want to earn a living". In the MENA region, 30 percent of youth are unemployed—twice the global average. The disconnect between what people are learning and required job skills has jeopardized not only the well-being of the youth, but the stability of Middle Eastern societies and the region at large. In this latest video from the 2013 Skoll World Forum, experts explore the issues and opportunities for strengthening educational and employme...
The need to balance among land rights, farming, energy and deforestation is well documented. On one hand, farmers are learning how to make their land more productive without cutting down trees. On the other hand, changes in the Forest Code have led to an increase in deforestation. As part of our new Skoll World Forum video section, we revisit the challenges facing the Amazon and the entrepreneurs working to protect the future of the forest
+ David Rothschild and Karin Burns outline the link between carbon offsets in California and REDD+.
+ Marina Silva outlines the birth of the Brazilian environmental movement and her work with Chico Mendes prior to his assassination in this video from the 2013 Skoll World Forum.
+ "So you're a filmmaker?" I asked, "Not originally. I was trained as an anthropologist" he replied. Mark Plotkin of ACT reflects on meeting Ken Brecher and the lessons he learned from Amazonian tribes

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Beyond the extraordinary investment of the members bank at Grameen, and the approximate third share its members foundation holds in grameenphone, here is our Unofficial League Table of Most Impactful Social Business Investments around yunus - last update 1 dec 2012

! Grameen Solar

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3 Portfolio of investments linkedin by Japan

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5 Investments in Grameen as collaboration brand linked in out of paris- the origin of global social business partnership funds

6 OpenTech investments of Grameen Intel


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